Like with most of our road trips, we’d eaten all of the packed sandwiches and most of the snacks before actually reaching the motorway. In this case that’s roughly within ten minutes of waving tearful goodbyes.

Hubby and I talked about how lovely it was to see family and friends and how we missed them all terribly. We weighed up whether Queensland still felt like home and how much we’re looking forward to when we can return and see our loved ones again. Little Man mainly spoke about fire engines.

As I drove through the night, listening to the gentle snores of Hubby and the kids, I had time to reflect on our own family home and what I want to create. Somewhere that is welcoming, familiar and happy. I want to have traditions, a routine and for this house to be a safe haven for my loved ones. I’d like for it to give me the same feels that I currently have from staying at my in-laws home.

As could be expected, Oscar gave me the look to end all looks upon our early morning entry. But as I cuddled him and watched everyone comfortably settle in, I happily realised that we’re pretty close to having all that already. K x

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