Well it’s Saturday already and my weigh in has not been great. My body is still clearly post-partum (which I believe occurs for at least a year after baby) and is acting all kinds of crazy. So, although I was initially disappointed to have regained a kilo I’m also kind of not because my whimsical womanly ways are clearly making their presence known.

I’ve had chocolate this week, not a bad thing I know, but I do have to be careful because of my PCOS and subsequent insulin issues. I’m proud of myself though because I did control the portion size of chocolate and instead of getting an end of drunken night eating a kebab face on, I just had a few squares everyday.


In a bid to get me out of the slump I was in, I’ve also resumed my photography study. It feels bloody brilliantly using my camera daily again and my mood has increased ten-fold. Unfortunately so have my procrastination skills and this includes doing lots of cooking and baking, because y’know, the family needs to eat!

So, as I listen to Little Man insist he wants to wee outside (I’m hoping it’s to practice aim and not just show off to the neighbours) I’m feeling motivated for a better week.

Although my goal is ten kilos in ten weeks I so appreciate my body needs to take time. I’m feeling better mentally and physically due to taking control of my diet and eating healthier and that’s the most important thing.

How has your week gone? K x

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