I struggled with what to call this post. Should it just be a simple “thank you”, “you guys are the sweetest” or “I really need to think through this blogging malarkey before pressing post”?

My last post received more hits compared to normal (which was a surprise since my folks are on holiday with limited internet access). A lot of positive messages and some unexpected comments from friends and family who confided that they’d hoped they had never said such things to me. I really want to straighten this out because it bothers me that someone may be bothered by what I wrote (are you still following?).

For the majority of the time I have never felt anything but unwavering support from you guys – virtually and in real life. Yes, I’m sure some things probably could have been worded differently on some occasions but in all honesty, a particular time doesn’t come to mind and I’m not dwelling on anything. Those that know me, know I’m pretty straight with calling a spade a spade so if you’d annoyed or upset me you probably already know about it. Also, I know I’ve said some of these things to people. I have a big mouth and I’m the first to admit that it’s not a very articulate one, especially in my rush to provide comfort.

When I sit down at my laptop it’s to be selfish and talk about me (I mean, it’s in the blog name and everything *insert winky face here*) and even though some most of it is verbal diarrhea I would never use it as a platform to be mean or to intentionally make anyone feel bad about themselves.

That being said, I guess I write things because I want to help and educate people about pregnancy loss and infertility, but I’m also aware that I don’t have a real thick skin and thus worry constantly about content once it’s out there. I worry someone may read it wrong because I haven’t quite worded it right. I worry I might get a mean comment and how I’d manage such an occurrence. I worry about offending people when the intent isn’t there. I worry I come across as a bit of a drama queen, actually, that doesn’t really worry me because I kinda’ am, I mean, I can throw a tantrum that would put Little Man’s to shame, just ask Hubby. I worry how the sentence I just wrote might give people the wrong impression of me and if I should delete it. I worry that I digress from the original topic too much…

So, in short (but not really), the thought that someone may think I’m writing a post specifically with them in mind but in a potentially passive-aggressive way concerns me. I guess I just wanted you guys to know that and to thank you for reading, commenting, sending me messages and being some of the sweetest human beings I could ever hope to come into contact with. Seriously. I don’t say these things lightly in a wasted “I love you more” kind of way. I mean it. And if you’re still reading this post that quickly got away from me then you rock even more!

Until next time,



  1. This blog is about you and your opinions and comments. Don’t worry so much,if people don’t like what they read or are reading then they can close the page down. They don’t have to read it. I on the other hand haven’t been offended once. Keep up the good work as I still enjoy all your posts xx

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Yvette 🙂 That’s exactly what I would say to someone else!!! I just need to listen to my own advice sometimes x

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