(I wrote this post before yesterdays sad news, so if it seems oddly cheerful you know why. The painful irony of the stationary is not lost on me either.)


I know I’ve said it already but it seems silly not to wish it again on my first proper post of 2018. I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday period. I wonder if, like me, you’re wondering what actually happened to 2017?

The first part of the year is an utter blur due to sleep deprivation and severe Post Natal Depression. My hazy memory has decided that the second half was a thousand times better! I’m delighted to say I’m feeling happy, positive and like myself for the start of this year. A welcome change from the previous one that’s for sure. In fact I’m feeling like I have so much more energy – of the mental variety mainly – that I’m keen to make some worthwhile changes.


Non-resolutions are my version of simple changes yet something still positive for the new year. They do not have the inevitable failure/guilt/unattainable stance that most NY resolutions have! It’s not set in stone but it’s me standing up and saying “hey, I’d really like to do this”.


Read more;
Write more;
Explore more.

According to Katie 2018 NON-RESOLUTIONS


Pretty self explanatory! My main issue with this one is time. I’ve also gotten into the awful habit of watching make-up tutorials on Youtube while in bed. I never used to have my phone with me in the bedroom at night until the girls were in NICU and I needed it close for obvious reasons. Funny how some habits are so easy to form.

Anyway, my aim is to stop phone play and read books instead, like I used to. I already have a few lined up, the first one being The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham. Some of you may know the story from The Village of the Damned films. I’m also getting a real itch to read the Adrian Mole series by Sue Townsend again.


I’ve pegged 2018 as the year I start a book. Eeeeeeek!

I’ve toyed with a few ideas for a while but have finally settled on one that makes complete sense to me to do first. My issue, like with the above non-resolution, is time. But, if I want to do it I have to make it happen – somehow. *awkward and unsure fist pump*

According to Katie 2018 NON-RESOLUTIONS


This will hopefully be the easiest of the three. Since we live in a new place* it should be easy to stumble across new things.

*Not actually new anymore (unless 2.5 years counts as new? But our tiny people make it hard to leave the house for fear of losing one and/or coming home with a different child. This is due to my repetitive compulsion to make sure I have three children simply by counting heads instead of checking who they actually belong to).

We’ve already booked to go to The Blue Mountains later this year (YAY!) and we WILL explore Newcastle and it’s surrounds a lot more too. I have a few plans in place for when my folks visit again, including trips to a farm, beach walks and whatever else takes our fancy.

Do you have any resolutions? “Non” or otherwise? Leave me a comment as I’d love to know. Whatever the answer, I wish you and yours a happy, healthy and loving year ahead.

K x

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