It’s my birthday month (yes, I get a whole month) and I like to think that with another year more wisdom is earned. I’ve been reflecting a lot, especially with all that’s happened in 2014, and as the door slowly closes on one journey it’s time to start on another, this is how I’m viewing the next few years anyway. My life is taking a new direction and I’ve been considering what I’ve learnt, what I need and what I want.

I spent much of my twenties in the pursuit of parenthood, or at least thinking about it and working towards it. I feel like I’ve missed out a little because I knew I had to start early in order to stand a chance with obtaining this dream, but obviously the payoff was worth it. Now I feel like my thirties are for me. Sounds silly when I am responsible for a little one but I firmly believe that, in my personal case anyway, for me to be a good mother I must look after my own interests too. I need to have other goals, interests and keep my brain active, even if I end up being a stay-at-home Mum forever it’s still important for me to be able to have my own thing going on. I have three things, let’s call them wishes, that I’d like to achieve before I turn forty…

Wish 1 : Travel

When I moved countries at such a young age I took a big risk, some people said my decision was fearless which I guess it was in some ways but it could also be called naivety. In my mind I knew I was too scared to do the whole backpacker thing, especially on my own, so moving within the safety of a relationship was a much easier option. Once in Australia we quickly settled into an easy routine, I held good jobs – better than I could get in my home town – and we worked towards purchasing our first home. Although I wouldn’t change how we did things or how it’s worked out, sometimes I do regret not taking the time to travel more.

My one wish now is that I get to travel the world with Little Man. I’m determined that he visits as many countries as our finances will allow before he leaves school. Digressing slightly, I truly believe experiencing other cultures makes you a more well-rounded person and one that has a bigger view of the world, the impact you can make on it and ultimately, what you want to do with your life. This wish for LM is very important to me, and for us to explore different countries as a family.

Wish 2 : Education

I have qualifications, good ones that I worked hard for but no degree. It’s been something I’ve coveted for a long time and this year I made the first step in obtaining a Bachelor. Luckily I get a lot of credit for my existing education so I’m hoping it’s something I can complete before LM starts to school. I’m still in limbo of what I want to do when I grow up but I’m hoping it’ll come to me as I complete more modules. Then hopefully I’ll be able to get a job I enjoy and feel my professional ambitions are somewhat complete.

Wish 3 : Health

– To be at peace with what life has thrown at us. To be mentally okay with the youthful diagnosis of PCOS and the complications it has caused us. I’ll never get over losing my babies but I’d like to come to terms with it at the very least.

– To eat well and teach LM good food habits and nutrition.

– To exercise more and obtain a figure like the ever perfect Jennifer Aniston. I’m hoping to try more things and/or get back into the sport I played and enjoyed as teen.

And that’s about it. Nothing terribly exciting but goals that are still highly personal to me. I’m actually already in the dirty-thirties decade so I’m starting a bit late with this post but you can rest assured I’ve been trying hard. I mean I did just sit an exam and eat a salad…

Until next time,



  1. Happy birthday month!! I love these three wishes – I love your approach to embracing life and living it to your best regardless of your past hurdles! It sounds like you may just have the most wonderful 30s. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I refuse to not live life to what I think is an acceptable standard. I’m healthy, with access to food, clean water and good medical attention – a lot more than some people. Might sound cliched but that keeps me going strong.

  2. Great wishes/goals! I totally get this! All of it. I feel like I’ve spent most of my 30s in pursuit of having a baby and now that I’m approaching 38, I can’t help wanting a lot of the same wishes. I basically put my career on hold and have been working for myself to try and be a work at home mom, and I am only now getting to the mom part (knock on wood!) and working from home is okay, but not as challenging as work used to be and I’m paid way less then I used to be, but I hope as I get into my 40s and little man is in school, I can get back to the career girl I used to be. And yes! Travel is so important! I hope to start traveling more again now that we’re not so in limbo anymore. It just feels like all of that has been put on hold for so long! May you have the very best birthday month ever and I hope all your wishes come true!

    1. So sorry – I thought I’d replied to you already! How embarrassing! I totally get what you mean about putting a career on hold, I’ve met a few other women who made similar decisions to try and prepare for parenthood. At least you won’t have the pressure of returning to a workforce and putting your Little Man in daycare, you’ll have more options and flexibility and I think you’ll be grateful for that. I get what you mean about the challenge though and I do miss the interaction. My Little Man has already been on a few plane trips and out of the country which I didn’t think I’d do but I’m just so eager to get us travelling – even though he’ll have no recollection!!! Lol. Thank you for your birthday wishes and I hope the next 12 months are happy, exciting and healthy for both of us 🙂

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