I took the kids to an indoor play area this morning. They’re running around and having fun, then enters a girl, similar age to Little Man. She has blonde hair with dyed pink and purple sections running though it and is wearing a Bumblebee Transformers costume. I can tell she’s confident and beats to her own drum. She is my new tiny hero!

Little Man clocks her almost instantly and Its obvious he’s more than a bit interested. He immediately makes his way over and unashamedly follows his new pal around until they’re sitting together, chatting and giggling away. She seemed friendly and easygoing, just like my boy.

It was pretty amazing to see him make a new friend and it made me smile with how he made a beeline for her. Even though he’s too young for it to mean anything more than what it was, it still got me thinking about his future and who he may end up with.

Kinda’ hoping his tastes don’t change!


K x

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