2018 has started off on a sour note. Earlier today we sadly said goodbye to our beloved cat, Oscar. He was just under ten years old and had been with us for most of that time. Part of me still can’t quite believe it, while the other part is utterly heartbroken.

According to Katie RIP OSCAR CAT

To us, Oscar wasn’t just a pet. He was an integral part of this family. A familiar presence that we valued just as much as our (human) children. Everywhere I look I expect to see him. Whether that is flat on his back, shamelessly star-fishing on the rug while I blog, or out on the deck under the table out of the suns reach.

I feel kinda’ lost at the moment. Maybe a bit disbelieving or in shock. I keep expecting to see him. The hardest part will be putting the food bowls away and it’s something that just can’t be faced today.


I noticed something was wrong on Friday morning. Oscar normally wakes with me, becomes my shadow while I potter about in the kitchen and then stands by the back door to be let out. He did none of that. In fact, I didn’t even see him. We hardly did all day because he spent the majority of his time under our bed. He didn’t even come and spend the evening on the arm of the sofa like he normally does.

Becoming concerned it might be more than an off day, we checked him thoroughly for ticks in the evening. We found nothing but made the decision to watch him closely the next day. I told Hubby I’ll know if he’s still feeling bad because he won’t get up with me in the morning.

As you’ve probably guessed, Oscar didn’t join me. Instead his lethargy got worse and he became unsteady on his back legs. He didn’t eat or drink so come mid-afternoon Little Man and I took him to the emergency animal hospital.

The triage outcome was for Oscar to stay in overnight because he was dehydrated and also so blood testing and an ultrasound could be performed. I called for an update around 9pm and was told that they think it’s chronic renal failure with some secondary issues. The following morning I prepared myself for the worse outcome and sure enough, I was delicately told there wasn’t really anything more to be done. My beautiful boy had jaundice, renal failure, kidney stones as well as a urinary tract infection with a high possibility of stuff going on with his gall bladder and liver too.


Fortunately my good friend could come and watch the kidlets for us while Hubby and I made the third and final trip to the animal hospital. We had a good half an hour alone with our first born where we got him to purr really loudly and talked to him. I thanked him for looking after me all those times Hubby worked away. Through tears we both told him how much we’d miss him.

According to Katie RIP OSCAR CAT

When it was time, Hubby decided to wait outside. I wanted to be there, I felt it was the least I could do considering all of those times Oscar was there for me during my hardships. I talked to the lovely vet and told her how he would never leave my side when I had all of my miscarriages. This made her have a bit of a cry too and she remarked how she felt honoured to be able to be with such special animals during the end of their much loved life.

And then he was gone.


Since October, Oscar had adapted to become an outside cat. Something he had clearly wanted for a long time and I’m so glad he had chance to enjoy the open. His favourite thing was lying on our paving path or up against the house – just out of reach of the children of course. He would come and help me hang up washing and follow me about as I tended to the garden bed. Other times he could be found lazing on the deck, especially if we were out there too.

According to Katie RIP OSCAR CAT

I actually don’t have many photos of Oscar outside, I simply thought I had more time. However what I do have is gorgeous memories and they’re all extremely happy ones. Thinking of him makes me smile. I feel privileged that he was in our lives and that he loved us unconditionally.

We had ten short years with Oscar but his presence will continue to be felt for the rest of our lifetime. He really was a special little soul.

K x


  1. I am so oincreadiblyncreadibly sorry. we recently said goodbye to our beloved dog in such a similar way (basically no notice, good friends stayed with our son so we could say goodbye to our first born, etc) and this brought it all back. I am just so sorry, there really are no words.

    1. OMG I had no idea – I’m so sorry I missed that and even more sorry for your loss. There really are no words, and like you say, it’s our first born. He was with us throughout all of that unimaginable grief and… I just feel like I haven’t had enough time to thank him for all of the support he gave us. Gosh, I wish we could just meet up for coffee x

  2. Huge, huge hugs. We lost one of ours a little before Christmas. Cancer in her tongue which left a food obsessed, fat, happy licky cat unable to eat or lick. It is unutterably cruel what can happen to them. We had her put to sleep here at home in our arms. It is a hard, hard thing to do. We had brought her over here with us from the UK and like you she was with me through multiple miscarriages. She was also always the first to know when i was pregnant. She would lie next to my tummy and purr at it (she wouldn’t otherwise ever lie there).

    1. Oh I am so sorry for your loss. How sad for her and you to see her unable to do the things she loved. Oscar always seemed to know when I was pregnant too! He’d become overly protective and follow me about almost obsessively. With each of my miscarriages he would lie all over my tummy, like a hot water bottle. Animals are truly special little beings and I’m so fortunate he came into our lives. HUGE hugs to you x

  3. This brings tears to my eyes! I so very quickly turned from a dogs only person, straight to a cat lady. The love for my cat (and the love I get in return) is like no other. I am so sorry for your loss. Find some comfort in knowing you gave your furry friend the best,and happiest life he could have lived. <3

    1. Thanks Heather. I miss him terribly but we have so many happy memories all with him there. Oscar was my companion through a lot of challenging times and I unashamedly treated him like one of my actually children! It makes me smile that you’re a cat lady too! We really are a special bunch! x

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