Last week I found, or at least thought I found, a small lump in my left breast. Much to Hubby’s (concerned) delight, I asked him to check. He said he thought he could feel something so best to get it checked out for peace of mind. I was at the doctors for the kids on Monday anyway, so went ahead and booked myself an appointment for Friday morning.

I explained how my breast had been aching and that the nipple in particular felt sore. I admitted two things. Firstly that I couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t just a swift kick from one of the girls or that they had knocked it in some way. Secondly, I’m still in my cheap, crappy maternity crop tops that offer no support. My natural tightness and frugality combined with always putting everyone else first and refusing to buy anything for myself could be the very reason why I’m there.

To cut a long story short, the doctor didn’t think there was anything to worry about. She explained how lumps come and go and that new bras would probably help as well as tracking to see if the aches fluctuate with my cycle. We also discussed hard lumps (very bad) versus lumps that are squashy and move about under your fingers (normally okay but get them checked if in doubt).


It was a horrendously stressful week what with everything else going on. Maybe it was because I was on edge anyway but my mind immediately went to the worse case scenario. I straight away figured that I would forgo any treatment in order to be there for Little Reds medical stuff. Clearly I had what can only be described as a kinda’ dumb selflessness vibe going on. I then told myself that in order for my family to be healthy, it’s important that I am too.

Above everything I just kept thinking how much I wanted to see my kids grow up. I want to see my children finish school, maybe graduate from university and (should they wish) get married and/or have children of their own. I want to be really old before I die and to be with Hubby for as long as I can.

According to Katie LIFE'S LITTLE LUMPS & BUMPS

Life is a gift and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a version of perfect all the time. You can always choose to try and look past hardships and enjoy it to its fullest. Go to bed grateful, go to bed happy.

K x



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